Welcome to the one and only web site that I know of that uses Prodigy Classic fonts! (ProdigyMFourByNine, for those who are interested). Now, of course, you can see why people said that Prodigy was designed by someone who never used a computer. Once you get beyond the initial bad font, however, you find a service that at one time was excellent, and still is in many ways, particually in bullitin boards, business applications, and interaction in general. The people on Prodigy are a different kind of people, not affected by the online rush, just wishing to communicate. Well, maybe that's A) a generalization and B) not really true I think it gets the message across. If it doesn't you have my email address.

Prodigy, in it's infinite wisdom, (except for :-( cancelling Prodigy Classic) decided to open a virtual scrapbook of all the good things about the service. I hope that you pay the Prodigy Virtual Scrapbook a visit to see what others have to say about the service.

The Prodigy Classic Homepage